Once again it is Valentine’s Day – a wonderful reminder to let our loved ones know how special they are to us. So for today, since I can’t send all of you mountains of chocolate, I will offer you the following crocheted eye candies – all with zero calories!

3-D Flowered HeartA

Lunarheavenly, an Asian crochet artist, found at https://twitter.com/Lunar_h

Grandma's Heart

Grandmother’s heart from belladia.typepad.com

Flowered HeartA

Victorian charm from solocrochet-manualista.blogspot.com.ar

Lace  Heart

A modern twist by gibritte2.blogspot.com.br

Ruffled Heart

Heart Pillow by Shellie Wilson of CraftBits.com

Irish crochet heart

Irish Crochet Heart Ornament by Annie Potter; Photo by Nik_OC on Flickr

Sweet Hearts

Little lovelies by midnightpoem.tumblr.com

Flowered Heart by LH

Another beauty by https://twitter.com/Lunar_h