“Ianuaria” by Caitlin T. McCormack

Since it is the season for all things shuddersome, I thought I would share the fantastical work of Caitlin T. McCormack with you. She creates beautiful, lace-like “skeletons” out of cotton crochet thread and PVC glue, mounting them to dark backgrounds to maximize their effect. In her own words –

“The act of stiffening intricately crocheted cotton string with glue produces material that is structurally similar to delicate bone tissue. The string implemented in this process can be viewed as the basic cellular unit of fabrication, and by utilizing media and practices inherited from my deceased relatives, I aim to generate emblems of my diminishing bloodline, embodied by each organism’s skeletal remains.”

Oh, yes. Most definitely creepy! McCormack began this type of work after her grandparents passed away within months of each other in 2010/11. Originally studying illustration, she returned to the crocheting taught to her by her grandmother to deal with her grief. Of course, we are now aware of how emotionally healing crocheting and knitting can be (see http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/ for more information).

To create each piece, which can take anywhere from two days to several weeks, McCormack focuses on a specific memory of her own, and begins to crochet a skeleton without reference. As a medium, crochet “accelerates the process of forgetting” with its physical “twisting and warping,” she said. The final products aren’t supposed to be replicas, but are more like metaphors for the artist’s memories.

"The Organist" by Caitlin T. McCormack

“The Organist” by Caitlin T. McCormack

To view more of McCormack’s work, you can go to http://caitlintmccormack.com/section/323579-Sculpture.html, http://beautifuldecay.com/2015/07/16/the-crocheted-apocryphal-animal-skeletons-of-caitlin-t-mccormack/, and http://www.bleaq.com/2014/caitlin-t-mccormack. Enjoy!