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I’ve been a little sluggish with my crocheting lately (and my posts!). I needed to take some pics too, and of course “sunny” California decided to be grey and drizzly for the past few days. However – TA DA – I have a few new things to show you. One item isn’t totally new, but I’ve finally completed it and have the pattern available now in my store, which you can find here. This is the afghan I mentioned in an earlier post, and I’ve named it Aqua Dreams. The Caron Simply Soft yarn is so pretty and the sheen is really nice. I was very angry at myself for making my traditional mistake of crocheting the beginning rows loose and tightening my tension as I go along – yes, I did it again – but I was able to work it all out with the single crochet/crab stitch border, so everything is fine now. And I am very proud of myself for using up an additional 10+ skeins of my stash!


I was so happy with the way the Caron yarn looked that I decided to make another item with it – a long cowl with a lacy edging that you can double loop for added warmth. That’s still on the blocking mat, so you’ll get to see it in my next post.  I’ve also finished my version of the Metro Kerchief by Yuliya Tkacheva. I didn’t design these two items, so they’ll be going in my store as ‘products for sale’, a new category I’ll be adding shortly. I’ve also designed a scarf/shawlette, I’m working on a summer cowl, and I’ve finished my mom’s Mother’s Day present, but I’ll have more on those later. By George, i think I’m out of my slump!


Till next time, happy crocheting!


CS #5A

Finished Crescent Shawl – Ta Da!

Yes, it took me a while to screw up my courage and attempt to work out the problems with this “simple” scarf/shawl. If you remember, I was lamenting a bit ago about the neckline of this project (The “Simple” Scarf) and how I wasn’t sure how I was going to fix it. Well, first I found a way to fill in the scooped neck area. Then I created an inside edge, rolled it on itself, and with needle and thread tacked it down. I also tacked down those little bumps at the end of the rows. Voila! Now with any luck I’ll have the pattern posted  in my Bonanza shop ( in about a week.

CS Blocked

Crescent Shawl blocked on pinning board

I am very pleased with how it turned out, despite all the trouble it gave me. I think I would change the yarn I used, though. Loops and Threads Woolike it a nice yarn, but I feel it was a little too soft. I would like to have a yarn with a little more body/stiffness to it so the ridges would hold better; perhaps a cotton/acrylic or wool blend. Or perhaps it’s just my OCD is showing again!

I am currently on a crocheting hiatus. I went to a rheumatologist yesterday and received a cortisone shot in my left thumb. I don’t know if any crocheters out there have had this problem, but I have had pain in my left thumb with crocheting for quite some time now, probably at least a decade. Up till January, however, I could always take a break for a couple days, the pain would go away, and I could crochet again. By January I was in the middle of making an afghan for my nephew and his to-be wife (Wedding Bells!) and sadly the pain became consistent in both thumbs. I finished the afghan but ordered new wrist splints that also had thumb splints. (I have been wearing wrist splints at night for over a decade due to carpal tunnel developed from crocheting – oh, what we do for love!) The splints have helped with the pain tremendously. My right thumb only hurts if I stress it, like carrying something heavy or opening a jar. I started an afghan for my other nephew getting married in September and the left thumb flared up again, hence the trip to the doctor. I have to get xrays and visit him in six weeks. Gee, who says getting old isn’t fun? Anyway, I have to take it easy for three days and I should be able to resume all activity in five, so that’s not too bad. I shall survive!


A little while ago I spotted a crescent-shaped scarf/shawl and fell in love; ever since I have been chomping at the bit to design one. This couldn’t be all that difficult, could it? Little did I realize what I was getting myself into!

This adventure began at the beginning of March. I decided that I wanted to have a curved ridge to mimic the crescent shape and to give it a more modern look. Then, since I have also fallen in love with gradient color schemes, I chose to use Michael’s Loops & Thread Woolike yarn in ivory, beige, and cool gray with just one row of charcoal to strongly define the edge. Seemed like a plan to me. Ha!


Gradient bands of color


I am now on the third version of this scarf. (Amazingly, the yarn did hold up to all my frogging.) At first I tried to figure this out by myself and failed miserably. Then I found a free crescent pattern to give me some guidance, but after a few rows I didn’t like the extreme “U” shape it was taking, so that was frogged. Then I tried my own version, but that turned out too straight. Finally I came up with what I have now, and I think it’s going to be all right. Up to this point my designs have been very simple, so I just wasn’t ready for one to give me such a fight!

There are still two problems, though. 1) It seems that when you start a crescent shaped scarf with a short neck row, you end up with a separately curved neckline from the body of the scarf (see photo below). This has happened to me three times now. I’ve seen a video where this was mentioned, but I also saw a photo of a full crescent shawl without this problem, so I’m not sure if it’s just me or not. I am hoping that I can correct this with an inside edging of some sort. 2) I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to realize that on some row ends I had three stitches and some I had four. The four makes a little bump-out that I don’t want (see top of photo below). I can easily correct this in the written pattern, but I am hoping again that I can correct this with the inside edging of some sort.  (Insert deleted expletive of your choice here.)

IMG_0538 - Copy3

Wonky neckline and end of row bumps

I have one or possibly two more sets of the three-color bands to go, and then to come up with my miracle edging. But I won’t give up on the scarf/shawlette after this one is done, because I saw such wonderful designs while researching this project that I’ll just have to keep on going!

P.S. – If anyone knows of a solution to the wonky neckline, PLEASE let me know. I will be forever in your debt.

papercutproject AmyFlurry Nikki Nye

Listed under “Jeffrey”, from Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry of the Paper-Cut-Project,


It came to my attention a little while ago that there are people in this world interested in “the creative process”. In researching information for my last post Paper Lace, I ran across this photo and thought it was the absolute epitome of what a brain in the process of creating looks like. However, I’m pretty sure this is NOT what the creators of this fabulous artwork intended – their work shows up in the world of high fashion, galleries, and museums – but perhaps they won’t mind a slightly different perspective.

Nonetheless, this is my brain on crochet; or more specifically, what my brain looks like when I’m trying to come up with a new crochet design. Of course, this is when all is going well with the process. I have noticed that when the process is not going well my brain ends up making little crackling noises with smoke emanating from tiny charred bits. Come to think of it, that also happens when the yarn gets tangled or I find I’ve made a mistake some 10 rows ago. Well, that would be a different photo altogether.

Latest Update

April is going to be slightly different for me. My DH and I decided to try our hand at a flea market sale, and I will be sorting through all the wonderful “stuff” I no longer need, packaging, pricing and organizing. (That’s why I’ve given myself a month to do this!). I can only hope that all the work will be worth it. It was my plan to get 4 new patterns that I’ve made listed in my Bonanza shop (, however that didn’t quite work out. I did get two listed, but the other two will have to wait. Here’s a peak at the two –


Du Soleil Summer Scarf


Bubbles Baby Blanket


According to many crocheters, 2015 was supposed to be the year of completing the WIPs (works in progress). Of course, I was too busy to bother with such banalities! However, I have been taking stock of everything I have stashed, and I have begun to think that there may be some merit to this type of “housecleaning”. These musings have blended with my New Year’s resolutions, which I  have been carrying out rather poorly but haven’t given up on yet. So to this end, the following are the WIPs I feel I need to finish.


This will be my Butterfly Box. My husband brought home some computer related thing in this box, and the box is wonderful! It is shaped like a book and even has an embedded magnet for a closure. The main fabric is polyester with butterflies in a black starry night sky filled with tiny silver studs and glitter. After I properly adhere the fabric, I want to make a black tatted butterfly to give a 3-D effect to the white butterfly shown. Or perhaps I should quilt certain butterflies on the lid. Obviously, I’m still in the planning stages – especially how to get the fabric nicely turned in on the book edges.


This is my Celebration Garland. I started it a couple years ago – haven’t gotten very far, have I? Big Lots sells mini plastic ornaments at Christmas, and I thought that they would look great crocheted in bright colors and strung as a garland. I found nylon thread that has a nice sheen to it, but it really isn’t the easiest to crochet with. The nice thing about this project is that it could be used for just about any celebration, not just Christmas.


These are the fabrics I’ll be using for my quilt. They’re actually a knit top and two suede-like skirts, so the quilt will be more of an afghan size. I do have other materials I bought for a quilt, but this is the one I’ll work on first.

I’ve wanted to make a quilt for some time now, but I never knew exactly what I’d do. I have a cousin that once told me she also wanted to make a quilt, but sadly she waited too long and now her ill health prevents that creation. So I decided that I’ve waited long enough and I should do this before I become too decrepit.


And last but not least, my dots made from Lion Brand Bonbons. The original idea was to make a scarf/shawl from the dots by stringing them together. Problem was that later I saw this done for a scarf and decided I didn’t like it. I am thinking now that they could make a delightful baby blanket. Of course I still have to figure out how they will be attached or crocheted into the blanket – such details!

In fact, I do have a couple more projects, but they haven’t been started yet so technically they aren’t WIPs. I believe I’ve taken my slogan of “crocheted flights of fancy” a little too literally, though, because flitting around from project to project has left me with a lot of unused yarn. Which led me to New Year’s resolution #5 – No new yarn purchases until I’ve used up at least half my stash. Oh, the agony!

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