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I realize that Halloween is coming up pretty fast, especially for those planning to create costumes and/or decorations for this annual “ode to spirits that have passed”. However, in my wanderings around the internet I discovered that there is a National Ghost Hunting Day, celebrated on the last Saturday of September (this year, the 30th). This is a fledgling holiday, officially created in July 2016, but with a seemingly robust following (check out for more info). So in keeping with the “spirit” of the day, I have chosen to do a little of my own ghost hunting – of the crochet variety, of course!

Boo Ghost

Whimsical Boo Ghosts by Beverly Mewhorter, free pattern at


I wouldn’t mind a visit from this Casper-inspired ghost! From Ophelie at



 Adorable baby hat inspiration from Soap and Stitch on Etsy –

dapper ghost

What a dapper fellow! Halloween Ghost free pattern at


ghost afghan

Who wouldn’t keep themselves cozy with this on a Halloween night? By Maggie’s Crochet at

little miss spooky

If you’re looking for a sexy ghost, Little Miss Spooky is here!


Who could forget Zero – in a lovey form, no less! Free pattern from Jamie Hackford at


And this little sweetheart comes from Gateando Crochet at 
(I used this pattern to make the boy and girl ghost in the pumpkin below!)

Two ghosts in a pumpkin



I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts! Classic “Ghostbusters” logo – free design by

I hope you enjoyed this little ghost tour and possibly found a little friend to crochet. Oh, yes – and happy hunting on the 30th!

As I’m sure with many of you, I’ve had Mother’s Day on my mind. It’s only a couple weeks away and I’m in the middle of making something for my mom (with luck it’ll be done in time!). Of course, I can’t show or discuss what I’m making because my Mom reads this blog and I wouldn’t want to give away the surprise. So that will have to wait for later. (Hi, Mom!)

The following are a gathering of what I would consider wonderful Mother’s Day presents – of the lacy variety, of course!

crown bowl

I love this bowl – it looks just like a crown! (Many charts available at this site)


Elegant statement necklace/collar from (Patterns for purchase through designer’s books)

framed doily

Have a gorgeous doily already made? Frame it!


Lovely tealight holder from (No pattern but instruction on stiffening)

Scalloped basket

Such a pretty candy dish – or for sparkly trinkets in the boudoir?

You can find the pattern for the featured picture of ‘Mother’s Day Teacup’ by Marjorie Jones at Now it’s back to present making for me….


Posted from Pinterest, designed by Turkish artist Sebahat at 

Sometime in the fall of last year I was rambling through crochet pages on Pinterest and happened upon “cuffs” (aka “cuff bracelets”, “Turkish cuffs”, or boho/shabby chic bracelets), seemingly a combination of bracelet and an elaborate cuff. Of course, I was completely enthralled and searched for more.

 ez-cuff        cuff
cuff3        cufff
cuff4      cuff5
I have fallen completely in love with this style and it is definitely on my agenda for this year to create one of my own. However, at the rate I’m going, this year may need to stretch out to about 16 months. Anyway, all the photos were taken from Pinterest, and the crochet artist and shop are as follows, top to bottom –
Wedding Jewelry by Emelie at
Beaded Bracelet by Stanislava at
Crochet Cuff Bracelet by Kremena at
Flower Crochet Bracelet by Stanislava at

Cockatiel looking in Mirror 1

Yes, once again it has been forever since my last post. But this time I have a REAL good reason. I now have a job – I’m a crochet teacher! My husband found an employment ad and passed it on to me, so I called. The classes are being held in Needles, Hooks & Yarn, 209 W. Foothill Blvd., (626) 824-4101, a new yarn shop in Glendora, California (just minutes from where I live!). Currently I’m in the store Mondays 10 – 1 pm, Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm, and Saturdays 10 – 5 pm, but I’ll accept appointments. The owner, Nancy, and I are trying to put together beginning and intermediate classes, but  working with people who need help on a pattern is no problem, either.

Nancy has me busy working up a poinsettia pin for “Christmas in July”, but if it doesn’t work out for July we can do it for December. I’m also working on a granny square openwork top/swimsuit coverup for a beginner class. There are also plans for a Cro-hook Tunisian baby blanket.

Right now the classes are two hours long and it’s $80 for four and you get the fifth one free, plus you have to buy your materials from the store. If you are coming in with your own pattern and yarn for help, the classes are $15 an hour. And for those who just aren’t sure if needle art is for them, we offer a one hour free class with the purchase of a beginner’s kit. Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings are “open” times for anyone to come and knit/crochet. Nancy also offers classes on knitting, weaving, and needlepoint as well as a wonderful assortment of yarns and accessories.

So if you know anyone in the Inland Empire of California that would enjoy a little social time while advancing their skills, we’d be glad if you passed the word along. Plus I’d be happy to hear any suggestions regarding classes and how to get more people in the store, please!

Below is one of the poinsettia pins (still have to do the leaves), and I’ll be posting photos of what I’ve accomplished for the classes as I go along.



Once again it is Valentine’s Day – a wonderful reminder to let our loved ones know how special they are to us. So for today, since I can’t send all of you mountains of chocolate, I will offer you the following crocheted eye candies – all with zero calories!

3-D Flowered HeartA

Lunarheavenly, an Asian crochet artist, found at

Grandma's Heart

Grandmother’s heart from

Flowered HeartA

Victorian charm from

Lace  Heart

A modern twist by

Ruffled Heart

Heart Pillow by Shellie Wilson of

Irish crochet heart

Irish Crochet Heart Ornament by Annie Potter; Photo by Nik_OC on Flickr

Sweet Hearts

Little lovelies by

Flowered Heart by LH

Another beauty by

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