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Since spring is here and many flowers have shaken off their winter inertia, I thought I should come up with a seasonally appropriate post. Plus, I just recently joined Crochet.Community (an online group) and they hold quarterly competitions where the winner is awarded $50 and a t-shirt. This current competition is, of course, flower themed. The only really good flower I’ve made I gave to my mom, and didn’t take a photo of it beforehand. So instead I entered a very elegant (if I do say so myself!) Poinsettia Potholder. Not the spring flowers the CC had in mind, I’m sure, but it didn’t get kicked out either. So we’ll have to see. Results will be in on May 1st – just in time for my next post.

Earlier today I was perusing Pinterest and came across some of the most gorgeous crocheted flowers. BTW, as a general rule I don’t like crocheted flowers – too kitschy for me I guess – but these are definitely the exception. Enjoy!


Happy Patty Crochet offers exquisite floral patterns and products at (I just love carnations!)


Japanese fibre artiste JungJung at Museum quality work!


Rose, master class a

I loved this flower so much I wanted to show you two versions!

golden flower, e7b75d58637c9cce14dd94e1c199dd07

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Irish Lace, 2269a5453b5572bbbeb3b19b845e6b3e - Copy (2)

Posted by on Pinterest, originally from cmpana mam

Irish Lace, 2269a5453b5572bbbeb3b19b845e6b3e - Copy 3-D flower

Reposted from; photo states Love this little flower! Definitely could see this on the bottom edge of a scarf with pearl centers.


And lastly, my Poinsettia Potholder. Keep your fingers crossed I win!

Once again it is Valentine’s Day – a wonderful reminder to let our loved ones know how special they are to us. So for today, since I can’t send all of you mountains of chocolate, I will offer you the following crocheted eye candies – all with zero calories!

3-D Flowered HeartA

Lunarheavenly, an Asian crochet artist, found at

Grandma's Heart

Grandmother’s heart from

Flowered HeartA

Victorian charm from

Lace  Heart

A modern twist by

Ruffled Heart

Heart Pillow by Shellie Wilson of

Irish crochet heart

Irish Crochet Heart Ornament by Annie Potter; Photo by Nik_OC on Flickr

Sweet Hearts

Little lovelies by

Flowered Heart by LH

Another beauty by

Gorgette, 2006 JV work

As many of you might know by now, I am a lover of lace. There, I admit it! Through the magic of the internet (and a wonderful free service called “Bloglovin”), I was recently enlightened to the existence of Joana Vasconcelos, a Parisian-born artist that uses crocheted lace in many of her artworks. Her works shown here are “Gorgette”, 2006; “Beastie”, 2014; “Giallina”, 2008; “Super Model”, 2005; and “Minerva”, 2005. You can see more of her work and biography at

.Bestie, 2014 JV work A      Lace snake AB                                                                                                                                                        The following is an excerpt of an article written on her from “The Ten Best Contemporary Still Lifes” from The Guardian –

Joana Vasconcelos looks to her Portuguese roots in works such as Giallina, which incorporate national handicrafts. She first selects a number of cotton doilies bought from local craftswomen, then dismantles and reassembles them over the surface of a glazed snake. She uses ceramics from the traditional Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro factory, and her “second skin” is sewn together by a specialist team. Vasconcelos’s work conflates Duchamp’s mode of not making with a custom of making by hand in order to question what we conceive of as natural.

Super Model, 2005       Minerva, 2005    All in all, I just call them beautiful!

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