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Officially spring began March 20th this year, but I am aware many parts of this country have still been feeling wintry effects. Well, tomorrow is National Gardening Day – yes, there is actually such a day! As many of us already know, crocheters also tend to like gardening, cooking, and cats (gardening and cats for me, cooking not so much). I had become a pretty decent gardener while I was back in Illinois. This is how my Illinois garden looked like much of the time (minus the lace curtains and mansion in the background) –

Garden GIF-downsized_large

Then about eight years ago my family and I moved to southern California. VERY different climates, to be sure. I thought I would still have my green thumb, but alas, things have not turned out so well. My CA gardening ventures have gone much more like this –

fail black thumb GIF by Studio Flox-downsized_large

Something tells me I should just keep to the crocheted versions of floral and fauna beauty. They stay fresh for so much longer! Someday I might even attempt this spring fantasy from Lunar Heavenly


Till then, stay warm and crochet on!

When I lived in Illinois, I had managed to develop a bit of a green thumb. Since moving to California (7 years ago now), that thumb has turned cold and dead – even with plants that I should be able to keep alive. At least I think I should be able to!

I love violas. I have bought several violas over the past few years, with no success. I thought I’d try again this year, just because the plants at the store were soooo pretty and healthy and thriving. Please see pic below.


I made the silly mistake of planting my beauty in an unlined terracotta pot. I believe the problem with that was the plant would dry out, I’d water it, the clay would absorb the water, I’d water it more, then the plant would be over-watered and the leaves would turn yellow and die. If I didn’t water the plant so much, the soil would dry out and the leaves would turn yellow and die.

Then I transplanted it to a plastic pot. The plant, though much smaller now, seemed all right. Then I gave it a little fertilizer. I don’t think it liked it. It started to wilt, continuing till it completely died. RIP, my poor little viola.

I felt very sad about the lonely pot, so I gave it a new friend. These gorgeous pom-pom marigolds are only supposed to be annuals, but I’m hoping that with a little TLC I might be able to nurture them through a CA winter. Hope springs eternal, right?


As for actual crochet news, I’m still working on the wedding afghan, but it is getting close to being done. Here’s a little sneak peek –


This is a photo of the side diamond panel with the cable/rope edging. I think the ombre effect turned out well; I’m pretty sure this one’s going to turn out great – keeping my fingers crossed!

I couldn’t resist the allure of Irish Crochet Lace for this most wonderful of Irish holidays, St. Paddy’s Day!

Paraphrased from Wikipedia, “Irish crochet” was originally developed in mid-nineteenth century Ireland as a method of imitating expensive Venetian point laces. Irish crochet lace is characterized by separately crocheted motifs, which were then assembled into a mesh background.

This lace is made with a very fine steel crochet hook and fine crochet cotton or linen thread. It begins with an outline of the pattern on a piece of cloth. Each motif is then crocheted separately, using cotton cord for volume and shaping. The finished motifs are then basted (sewn with a loose stitch for temporary tacking) onto a cloth in the shape of the pattern. The motifs are then joined using chains and picots. When all the motifs have been joined together forming one piece of lace the basting stitch is removed from the back cloth revealing the completed lace.

I’ve gathered the following examples of Irish lace from Pinterest, all coming from Russian sites. However, I did find a wonderful Facebook group called Irish Crochet Lab that is run by Larisa Chilton, who is an instructor and has developed an online course for those who want to learn Traditional and Modern Irish crochet lace. You can find Ms. Chilton’s site at . Enjoy!

Irish Crochet 2










Irish crochet 3

From, a type of Pinterest









Irish crochet 6

Irish crochet 5

Irish crochet 7

Oh, yes, just one more thing. Today is my brother-in-law’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Craig!

Cockatiel looking in Mirror 1

Yes, once again it has been forever since my last post. But this time I have a REAL good reason. I now have a job – I’m a crochet teacher! My husband found an employment ad and passed it on to me, so I called. The classes are being held in Needles, Hooks & Yarn, 209 W. Foothill Blvd., (626) 824-4101, a new yarn shop in Glendora, California (just minutes from where I live!). Currently I’m in the store Mondays 10 – 1 pm, Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm, and Saturdays 10 – 5 pm, but I’ll accept appointments. The owner, Nancy, and I are trying to put together beginning and intermediate classes, but  working with people who need help on a pattern is no problem, either.

Nancy has me busy working up a poinsettia pin for “Christmas in July”, but if it doesn’t work out for July we can do it for December. I’m also working on a granny square openwork top/swimsuit coverup for a beginner class. There are also plans for a Cro-hook Tunisian baby blanket.

Right now the classes are two hours long and it’s $80 for four and you get the fifth one free, plus you have to buy your materials from the store. If you are coming in with your own pattern and yarn for help, the classes are $15 an hour. And for those who just aren’t sure if needle art is for them, we offer a one hour free class with the purchase of a beginner’s kit. Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings are “open” times for anyone to come and knit/crochet. Nancy also offers classes on knitting, weaving, and needlepoint as well as a wonderful assortment of yarns and accessories.

So if you know anyone in the Inland Empire of California that would enjoy a little social time while advancing their skills, we’d be glad if you passed the word along. Plus I’d be happy to hear any suggestions regarding classes and how to get more people in the store, please!

Below is one of the poinsettia pins (still have to do the leaves), and I’ll be posting photos of what I’ve accomplished for the classes as I go along.



Red Rose from pinterest, 98d4cfcd9a69ffdf767de1d729cf17fd

Shortly before Mother’s Day I was shopping and found the most darling miniature rose growing in a small teacup. Even though two other miniature roses had previously lost their will to live while in my care, I decided that maybe – just maybe – the third time might be a charm. The plant had a beautiful many-petaled red rose (very similar to the rose in the photo) plus a couple of buds and looked healthy. I managed to kill it in a week and a half, a new record for me. But the teacup is really cute and a perfect size for my Baileys, so I do have that!

On to crochet news. At the beginning of this year I had promised myself to write two posts a month, approximately on the 1st and 15th. Obviously, I didn’t manage to do that this month. The fact is that I haven’t been feeling all that great for a while due to medication issues so I haven’t gotten much accomplished. Also, my husband and I decided to hold a yard sale which took me about three weeks of preparation. It was successful so I felt better about all that time spent. However, we still have a lot of boxes that we need to go through and DH wants to hold another yard sale in July, so I have more non-crochet work ahead of me. Now for the “joke” of this sale. I made signs to put up at two busy intersections. At the end of the day my son was kind enough to retrieve the signs, but when he got to one intersection he called me to ask where the signs were. Someone had stolen my signs to use for their sale!!!!!! I appreciate that people like my work, but really….

In my last post I mentioned that I had entered a Crochet.Community contest with my poinsettia potholder. I didn’t win, but it placed at #10. Considering I’m brand new to this site and this is the first contest I entered, being in the top ten isn’t too bad. SRO-AUSTIN was the winner and her entry was Tropical Sunshine Arrangement. Not only did she have a beautiful frogged vase for display, but she did a wonderful job with the crocheted flowers and leaves. She definitely deserved to win!

SRO-AUSTIN, Tropical Sunshine Arrangement, gtmolvqokncihgtz5ayx

I promise I’ll have more crochet in my next post. Meanwhile, everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!




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