Gorgette, 2006 JV work

As many of you might know by now, I am a lover of lace. There, I admit it! Through the magic of the internet (and a wonderful free service called “Bloglovin”), I was recently enlightened to the existence of Joana Vasconcelos, a Parisian-born artist that uses crocheted lace in many of her artworks. Her works shown here are “Gorgette”, 2006; “Beastie”, 2014; “Giallina”, 2008; “Super Model”, 2005; and “Minerva”, 2005. You can see more of her work and biography at joanavasconcelos.com

.Bestie, 2014 JV work A      Lace snake AB                                                                                                                                                        The following is an excerpt of an article written on her from “The Ten Best Contemporary Still Lifes” from The Guardian –

Joana Vasconcelos looks to her Portuguese roots in works such as Giallina, which incorporate national handicrafts. She first selects a number of cotton doilies bought from local craftswomen, then dismantles and reassembles them over the surface of a glazed snake. She uses ceramics from the traditional Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro factory, and her “second skin” is sewn together by a specialist team. Vasconcelos’s work conflates Duchamp’s mode of not making with a custom of making by hand in order to question what we conceive of as natural.

Super Model, 2005       Minerva, 2005    All in all, I just call them beautiful!