Well, when I came to the conclusion that I should take a step back from my basically nonexistent crochet business, I decided to try my hand at needle tatting.  It was stated in article that if you could crochet, you could needle tat, so I decided to give it a try. Above is a bookmark / bracelet that I gave my mother for Christmas (After I took this photo I sewed a little bead at the end so it could close).

My problem with tatting is that it isn’t nearly as versatile as crochet, although some absolutely beautiful items have been made using tatting, and the typical thread that’s used comes in fantastic colors. Below are a few photos of tatting for your pleasure. The angel is from, the taupe doily is from Carollyn’s Tatting Blog ( – a “tat a long” from Mr. Jan Stawasz), and the just beautiful lavender snowflake doily came from They are certainly expert if not master tatters, and they show just how far I need to go to catch up with them! But finding the photo of that magnificent butterfly from Angela Gambka ( sealed my fate and I just had to learn how to tat, although it might be quite some time before I become proficient enough to create that little beauty!

Tatted Angel,Frivolitás-hajócsipke album     Carolyn's Tat Along


Butterfly, Beaded, master class

 Now here is the quirky thing, though. I decide to ease off from running The Crocheted Butterfly, and all of a sudden I start getting a bunch of “likes” on my facebook page. (A bunch for me is 10 in a week.) I have no idea how or why these people are finding me, but apparently they like me. They really like me!? Do I dare take this as a sign that I should keep crocheting along? Mmmm, I will have to think about this – while I’m crocheting my newly designed baby blanket, of course.