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I’ve always considered the week after Christmas / before New Year’s as a time of limbo. Or, after I became a parent, as a time to recuperate (and relax, if possible). So while I was taking it easy going through my emails, this little treasure came in from the people that produce Faerie Magazine. I know this has nothing to do with crochet, but I just had to share.

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These amazing cookies are from Hungary’s Mezesmanna (you can check out the Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/Mezesmanna).

This is an excerpt from an article that the owner, Judit, sent the magazine:

Gingerbread decoration—”Love” in the words of Judit—started when her first baby was born. At that time she did not work with royal icing, just with frosting.  “As I am a porcelain painter by profession, I always wanted to try something new. I wanted to know if this technique worked on and with different materials, on gingerbread with food colouring, but this time I used powder- or gel-based colouring.” You need to know, that porcelain colouring is powder-based and mixed with thick oil and turpentine in order to be able to paint with it. If you want to paint gingerbread you need to use powder-based material, but instead of turpentine you use alcohol or water as a solvent. Judit uses powder- and gel-based colouring, sometimes both at the same time depending on what she is making and what colour she needs for that. But she prefers gel colouring. She uses a synthetic brush for the painting, this doesn’t lose a lot of hair and is easy to buy in the webshops. “I like trying new materials, pushing the boundaries… and I am a perfectionist.”   No, really?!!

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All my life I have had an ongoing love affair with pastries, cookies, candy – in short, just about anything made with enough sugar to appease my palate. I certainly never thought I would say this, but to actually eat these cookies should be considered a sin and be against the law. IMHO. Just saying.

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