The Sea Breeze Scarf - one of my latest additions!

The Sea Breeze Scarf – one of my latest additions!

So I did a WordPress post a couple days ago, and I was trying to put a widget down below for Crochet Talk, a forum I enjoy, when I spot an issue with facebook. Apparently WordPress has a problem putting a widget for facebook on this page because facebook says it can’t find my Crocheted Butterfly page, even though it’s linked so there is always a blurb about my last post once it’s published. The problem (that took me ALL DAY to figure out) was that facebook had put my business page as a side page under my personal page. And do you think I could’ve gotten a straight answer from facebook? No way. I’ve now reversed my pages, but I’m not really satisfied. Facebook also did a couple other things. They tell you in one section to write 3 words that describe your page. I typed them in, but every time I hit save, they disappeared. Then I wanted to delete a photo, but every time I moved the cursor down the menu box, the box would disappear before I could get to “delete this picture”. Luckily I had DH and he figured out another way to delete the photo. Technology is wonderful WHEN IT WORKS. So now, DS, do you understand why I need a social media director? Maybe you should work with Tumblr first

I have been very good about adding more patterns to my shop, though. I am now up to twelve (one of which is the very pretty Sea Breeze scarf pictured) and hope to get a few more in if I can find the items to take photos. Yes, I am still working on patterns with no product and product with no pattern, but I’m narrowing it down and the pile is getting smaller.