Apparently, this was the week I was supposed to learn about myself. The tests were interesting, but if I sat down and really thought about it, I believe I would have come up with this info myself. The one test was about how the world sees you. The test is free until July 25th – “take your test at and use my code to get access to the Fascination Advantage report BL-LW21″. (I received this offer from  a woman who helps Indie business people. I hope she won’t mind that I shared!) They ask for an email address so you can get your results in pdf form. The test doesn’t take long (especially if you’ve had a couple cups of coffee first!). My results were: primary- Mystique, secondary – Prestige/Alert, and dormant – Power. The report you get is pretty long, so I won’t go into all the details here, but if you take the test you’ll see all the basic descriptions. Here’s the breakdown:

Your PRIMARY Advantage is your most effective mode of communication. When you communicate with this Advantage, you are your most fascinating and influential.                                                                                                                                                                                             Your SECONDARY Advantage describes your second-highest mode of communication. Like your PRIMARY Advantage, it describes how your personality is most likely to add value.
Your PRIMARY and SECONDARY Advantages combine to form your Archetype. Your Archetype indicates how the world sees you. (Mine is called The Royal Guard – Elegant, Astute, Discreet.)                                                                                                                                         Your DORMANT Advantage is the one that holds the least potential for you in fascinating others. It’s how you are least likely to influence and impress others.

Snapshot of my results:

»» Conscientious and dedicated, Royal Guards tend to be focused on one task at a time. You can work with intense concentration to get minute details right.
»» You focus on essentials. And present with minimal fuss.
»» You are perceptive. You notice subtle changes in people’s behavior. Discerning and intelligent, you know exactly what’s going on.
»» Others shouldn’t expect you to be front and center. You don’t like putting the spotlight on yourself.
»» You are competitive, but not in a big ego way. You let your achievements speak. You deliver first class results.

The second test I took was totally related to the yarn arts. It was called “What type of yarn are you?”. The test said I am Lace, which is interesting because I have been thinking about going with all fingering/lace/sport weight yarn. I started with lace, so I guess I’m the most comfortable with it. I really don’t like the big chunky items they have out now, especially the cowls. Some of them look like they’re about to eat the head off the model, or at least suffocate her. Anyway, this is how Lace is described:

You are a delicate and mysterious yarn that people turn to when looking to create something truly beautiful. Your beauty, inside and out, simply cannot be denied. However, it is not an easy task to truly get to know you. Though everyone can see just how caring, loyal, and honest you are, you do not give your friendship away easily. Just like it takes time and patience to work up a lace project, you reserve the best of yourself for those people willing to put in the full effort. Those who do will be rewarded greatly.

Just saw the temps for the week. Thursday, Friday, Saturday all 100+. Yuck!

PS – Excuse some of the formatting in this post. I cut & pasted parts and they don’t seem to want to format correctly. I did what I could!