Creamsicle Scarf

Yes, I know it sounds like I’ve gone to the dark side, but honestly, it’s only for a visit. This past week has not been so great – hence, the Vicodin. Last Sunday I woke up with an achy jaw and teeth on the right side of my mouth. I have known for quite some time that I occasionally clench/grind my teeth at night and I do have a bite guard to wear, although I don’t like wearing it. Anyway, if I do wake up sore it usually takes a couple days of babying that side of the mouth to take care of it. Not this time. So last Wednesday I’m in the dentist office and they tell me I need a re-root canal. The only good part about this is that they finally have a pain killer that works. (My mouth fell apart when I was 21 and the pain killers they had then were pathetic!) The re-root canal was done on Thursday. I’m still in pain but it is getting better. And I thought I was done with toothaches. How silly!

The photo is of the scarf I crocheted while I was in pain. It reminds me of my favorite type of popsicle, Creamsicles. Depending on how lousy I feel, I find crocheting is a great way to take your mind off your pain. I’ve begun another scarf, too, but this one is chartreuse and soft white. And yes, I am still working on the Sophie Digard flower scarf – I’m on row 6. I haven’t decided how many rows to have yet, or exactly how long I’ll make it. Guess that’s why it’s a work in progress!