I noticed this week that the succulent plants (I don’t know their name) are growing higher because of how thick the bermuda grass is beneath them. Poor babies! The b. grass is beginning to suffocate my garden angel too. BTW, I’m sorry the foreground of the picture is so bright, but now you have an idea of the sun’s oppressiveness here. Yep, not going to get to that garden anytime soon.

My #2 son Ben went to Toronto and had a wonderful time. His Canadian friend Jack must have been giving him some really good PR on Canada, because even before the trip Ben told me he was seriously considering moving there. Now that he’s been there he’s in love with it. His only complaint was that the trip cost too much and he spent too much money. That bottom line can bite!

I have been trying to learn Microsoft Office. I am now on page 104 of 383 and I’m still on Word. It’s amazing how much detail there is – everything and anything you might need or want to do you can do, and more. Getting all this info to stick in my brain and then be able to retrieveĀ  and use it quickly…. well, let’s just say Ben’s estimate of one month for me to learn all this might not have been too accurate.

My sister Debbie finally got the doily, and she put it on a foyer table with a painting hanging above that matches the doily colors pretty well. See, fate does find a way – occasionally. Still been working on the scarf version. I figure I’ll need about 360 little flowers, depending on how big I want to make it, so this may take a while. And of course, I’ve fallen in love with another item to make. I want to make a buttonless cardigan, and I found the perfect one. It was charted, but pertinent information was written in Portuguese. Ben and I managed to translate most of it, but the problem was that once you enlarged the info enough to easily read it, some of the letters became blurred, so there’s a paragraph or so that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Plus, I’ve never made a garment before and I think this design is not the one I should start with. So I found another one that is simpler (and takes a lot less yarn) and I’ll do that one first. Just waiting for the yarn to come!


Cardigan I'll Make First

Cardigan I’ll Make First

My new love!

My new love!