Purple Trees

They are so beautiful! I saw a little blurb on tv about them and the host called them by their proper name, but I didn’t write it down so of course I can’t remember it. The name wasn’t very pretty anyway. (I looked up the name – it’s Jacaranda.)  I’m kind of surprised that they’re blooming so well because we haven’t had much rain this year. They are a bit messy – our back yard looks like it has a carpet of purple – but they’re worth it.

The mourning doves have seem to come back to nest this year, but they don’t like the wood platform Ken made for them. They’ve made their nest alongside it on his hang gliders. The first year they came one of the babies died from dehydration (it had been in the 100’s) so Ken made a little platform with a cut out so we could put a cup of water up there for them. I doubt they drank from it though. It was always full of bird poop, so I guess the birds thought it was a little garbage can for them.

Still working on my sister’s doily. Almost done, but then I have to block it. Still haven’t finished the pink teddy bear’s clothes, but I have been learning more about Microsoft Office. Lots of detail! I keep going over what I did the day before so I figure eventually it’ll stick. Ben (#2 son) went to Canada for an Anime convention and he’ll be back Monday evening. His first vacation by himself! Hope he has a good time. More late