Girl Baby Teddy Bear - Work in Progress

Girl Baby Teddy Bear – Work in Progress

This past week we’ve been in the 90’s. I certainly hope this is not a precursor to what the future holds. Otherwise that flower bed with all the bermuda grass won’t get weeded until November. Come to think of it, it may not get done until November anyway (I hate bermuda grass!!!).

Update on the cat. No, she was not put to sleep. I was totally shocked by this, but perhaps her sociability won them over. The vet said she didn’t have mange – she has an allergy. She was spayed and given shots and she’ll be put up for adoption when she’s ready. I am so relieved – if any cat deserves a home, it’s that one.

Crocheting this week has been interesting. My hands/wrists are really giving me problems. I currently have tendonitis, which doesn’t help. But I did make some inroad to the pink teddy bear (see photo). Her top is done and I think it’s pretty cute, so now I have to do the cap and diaper cover. I’m in the process of finishing a multi-color ombre scarf with a new lacy stitch I picked up from a Russian site. I wanted to finish the teddy bear this week, but it didn’t happen. The weatherman says it’ll be cooler and overcast on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll be spending some time outside re-weeding the side garden. Chinese grass has popped up all over, but it’s not nearly as bad to weed as the bermuda grass.

Next week beginning Monday I have promised myself to start learning Microsoft Office (after the weeding – hmmm, I think a psychologist would have a field day with that one!) Initially I bought a paperback from Barnes and Noble for $32. Then I come home and look on Amazon and the same book is $18. So then I ordered the book and took back the other one. Ben looked at the book and said it should be fine for my purposes – becoming “proficient” at MO so I can get a job. I may have to buy a more in-depth instruction book later, but hopefully that will be after I have a job. That’s all for now!