Oh, yes. I have been quite busy this week, or at least it feels that way. First thing that happened was on Sunday – it was Ken and my 30th anniversary. Wow, it’s been that long. And the very generous Anniversary Fairy (formerly known as the Birthday Fairy) sent us a beautiful card and present – thank you, thank you, Thank You!

The second thing that happened this week was very sad, but we didn’t have a choice. We have been feeding a stray cat for about six months. We kept her outside, but I made a little box cave for her to keep her warm and dry. We had seen this cat around since the beginning of 2013, and I erroneously thought she had a home. Then I saw her last November and realized she was starving, so I started feeding her. She was so tame! All she wanted was a person to take care of her and a home to live in. We couldn’t take her in because we already had three cats (the most you can legally have in Glendora) and one of my cats really didn’t like her (occasionally they fought at a window). Both Ken and I tried our best to find the original owner (which we did – what a ditz!) and to find a new owner, or at least get her into a no kill shelter. At every turn we were shot down. A couple months ago we noticed that the cat was losing hair around the base of her tail, and last week I noticed that she was scratching her neck raw. She had mange. We couldn’t afford any treatment, so Ken brought her into the local animal shelter where she was euthanized. RIP, poor baby.

Ken has been starting to work on our fixer upper home. He put a new floor in the master bedroom and he has begun work in the middle bedroom. He was hoping to salvage the wood floor, but he discovered two very damaged areas, so we don’t think that’s possible. This room has three different wall surfaces. One was bead board, two were somewhat flat, and one had architectural paint on it. Ken said he wasn’t going to do anything with them and I didn’t agree. So yesterday I spent about 4 hours chiseling the architectural paint off the wall (got about half done). This situation also lead to a discussion about work. Ken thinks he may have a job come May, and since my crochet business hasn’t exactly boomed, I agreed that it’s time for me to start looking once again, but I will have to learn Microsoft Office first  Now Ben (#2 son) thinks I will be able to learn it in about one month! We’ll see. But of course that means I will be directing almost all my attention to learning programs so I can get an office job, and the crochet business will be dealt with as a side venture. It would be nice to have a job so I could have health insurance, but I know my age is really working against me. We’ll see.

I did manage to work on the pattern for the Baby Teddy Bear (see photo). I have had a problem with the muzzle and the pacifier, It looks like the poor teddy is about to choke on the binky. So the new one I’m working on is slightly larger – thinking that the pacifier would be more proportionate so the muzzle would look less over-full. It didn’t work. So for now I’m making a closed muzzle and I’ll give the bear a rattle instead. More later!