I had most of what i wanted written for this post done, and then I went to check on something at another site and forgot to open it in a new window. I tried to retrieve it, but I couldn’t, so I lost it. How aggravating!!! Note to self – Use the Save Draft button.

Anyway, as for what has happened this week. My Birthday Fairy came through with flying $ signs, so I was able to get the additional colors I wanted for the SD Nitro Linen scarf I’m making. When I posted the swatch I had made, something about it kept bothering me and I finally figured out what it was. When I washed it, it shrunk, bringing the flowers/petals much closer together, thereby losing the lacey effect. I have altered the pattern slightly, so I’m using a larger hook (2 mm) and the flowers have 10 petals instead of twelve. It has lost a bit of its daintiness, but I think it will still work.

Since we were having gray days this week, I decided I should get out and tend to the flower gardens. (I hate Bermuda grass!)  I managed to complete one bed (see photo). The weeds have had free reign since last spring, so it ended up being quite a job. (I hate Bermuda grass!) It took 6 hours to weed and two hours to rearrange the plants! (I hate Bermuda grass!) I began weeding a second bed, which isn’t quite as bad, but the third bed is full of Bermuda grass. I HATE Bermuda grass!

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that I ran an ad with Facebook, and it is really working. You have to have 30 page likes to be able to receive analytics. I had 30, but then someone unliked me. Facebook had sent an email offering $50 worth of free advertising, so I decided to take them up on it. At last count I have 120 likes! (Special note – Ken and Mike have helped me by asking people to like my page. Thanks guys!) Glennis Davenport wrote that she had used the SD pattern for a bedspread and it sold for $600. Not bad! I only have one problem now. The analysis says that my photo #6 has pulled in the most people – and I can’t remember which one that was….Image