So now I find myself here. Once again, beginning something I really don’t understand. Oh well, that never stopped me before.

SPLASH! Ok, that wasn’t so much a cannonball as a pebble with a small ripple. But now I must start.

Yesterday I found out that Kim Guzman is following me on Twitter.  She is a crochet and knit designer, written many books….and is following 591 other people on Twitter. Perhaps I shouldn’t consider this a big deal. Oh, but it felt good for a moment!

All this social media is so foreign to me, but I don’t have a choice if I’m going to make a go of this crochet business (  Take this blog. I don’t like the format and I want to show my monarch fairy logo, and eventually I’ll figure it out. I always have my fallback child Ben. If I get too impatient I call him out of his cave (aka bedroom) and he brings his mighty brain to my rescue. Thirty hours of labor was not in vain!

For those of you who want an update, go to my facebook page. For those of you who already know what I’ve been up to, we shall go forward. I promised Ben I would crochet the two rabbits from Death Cab for Cutie – I will Follow you into the Dark video on youtube – – if you are interested. I finished the brown rabbit a little bit ago and two days ago I started on the white rabbit. I had trouble getting a WHITE laceweight yarn because people who are naming colors must be colorblind (ivory is not white). Then I found white yarn that I thought would be thin enough. Wrong. I spent the better part of the first day separating one part of the three-strand yarn. This was not fun, but it left me with a white yarn of the perfect thickness. Yesterday I made the head and ears, and if I stop writing this I may be able to get the body done today! Later folks.